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    *Effective 06/01/19 there will be a 2 week back order on all Recovery Gear orders.  We will inform you as soon as your order is available.

    Product Description


    Monster Winch Line

     Our Winch Lines are made of high quality Plasma 12 strand rope, bringing you an option that is up to 85% lighter and 40% stronger than an equivalent steel winch line and is paired with our stainless steel thimble.  These quality components allow us to offer a guarantee on our ropes that is unequaled in the industry

    Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Thimble

    UV Coating for Long Lasting Protection

    Please refer to your winch manual for the  maximum capacity

    Diameter Minimum Tensile Strength
    3/16" 5,500 Lbs
    1/4" 8,000 Lbs
    5/16" 11,700 Lbs
    3/8" 17,500Lbs
    7/16" 21,000 Lbs


    31,300 Lbs
    9/16" 37,900 Lbs
    5/8" 51,400 Lbs
    3/4" 68,500 Lbs

    Custom Orders Are Available Please Contact