• Monster Rigging, Kinetic Recovery Tow Rope


    *Effective 06/01/19 there will be a 2 week back order on all Recovery Gear orders.  We will inform you as soon as your order is available.

    Product Description

    Monster Kinetic Recovery Rope

    The Monster Tow Rope is strong, but light weight and compact, allowing you to take it anywhere you go without getting in your way.  

    The enhancements provided by the additional coating make this the most durable and highest performing rope we have ever produced.

    • Double Braid Nylon Construction
    • Polymeric Coating for Excellent Abrasion Resistance
    • Sealed Against Stain and Water Absorption
    • UV Resistant
    • Chafe protection in eyes and in in the center
    • Made In the USA
    Diameter Use Minimum Tensile Strength
    1/2" ATV, UTV, Snowmobiles up to 1,500 Lbs 7,400 Lbs
    3/4" Small and light vehicles up to about 4,000 Lbs 19,000 Lbs
    7/8" Mid-sized 4x4's up to about 5,500 Lbs 28,600 Lbs
    1" Full size vehicles to about 6,500 Lbs 33,500 Lbs
    1-1/4" Full size vehicles to about 33,500 Lbs
    52,300 Lbs
    1-1/2" Full size vehicles to about 48,000 Lbs
    74,000 Lbs
    2" Full size vehicles to about 84,000 Lbs 131,500 Lbs
    2-1/2" Full size vehicles to about 128,000 Lbs 201,000 Lbs

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